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Type C Cable Contrast Test Guides You How To Distinguish Data Cables - 翻译中...
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Type C Cable Contrast Test Guides You How To Distinguish Data Cables - 翻译中...

After nearly two years of development, Type-C interface has entered the market by virtue of its powerful advantages, and occupies the main share of the current market. Today, even 1000-yuan cell phones have a Type-C interface. But even so, many users use Type-C devices, but they don't know what Type-C is, let alone choose a type c cable.

So, I'm looking at this issue from the user's point of view today. Instead of delving into what Type-C is, I will tell you directly how to choose a a type c cable through experience.

At present, there are many types of type c cable on the market. The appearance of wire seems similar, but its material, workmanship and texture are uneven. It is believed that most users buy data cable without choosing. They will buy it with charging symbol on their mobile phone. They will see what they want to buy, regardless of quality and safety. For a person with a little general knowledge of digital accessories, it's much easier to select a good type c cable which is safer to use.

Step 1: Determine the type c cable material

Common type c cable and wires generally have the following materials, TPE, PP, PE, nylon, Kevlar and so on, and the first few are plastic. They are usually the standard for mobile phones, such as Apple's TPE material. The latter two are mostly used by third-party accessories manufacturers, which have the characteristics of tensile, bending resistance, and long life. It is dirty-resistant, and its cost is higher than that of plastics. Here we take four type c cable as examples, labeled A, B, C, D respectively, and then do some simple comparative tests.

I believe that before the test, you should have a clear feeling through the above pictures. One of the two lines, originally made of white material, is totally different from the other, and the other looks dirty. Do not expect to wipe it clean, because it is caused by plastic aging, and it is irreversible. This is also a common problem of plastic material data cable. Even Apple's original data cable, which uses environmentally friendly TPE materials can not avoid it. Therefore, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder must not choose white plastic material data line.It is suggested to buy Nylon or Kevlar material data cable.

Step 2: Determine the material of USB interface

USB interface is a more critical part than wire. Considering the cost, iron USB connector is widely used in the market, and a protective coating is added to the surface.

Thus, it may use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods. Some data cable interfaces have very thin protective coatings, which can be easily scraped off in daily use. Others have inherent process defects. It causes the protective layer not to be completely covered.

Step 3: Buying a data line depends on the details

It is the details of the connection between the end of the data wire and the USB head. Careful friends may notice that most data wires have a thick section at the USB head connection. For one thing, it is to strengthen connection. For the other thing, it is for beauty. But many data cable do this just to follow the trend.

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