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MFI certification, what is the mystery of Apple Data Cable? - 翻译中...
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MFI certification, what is the mystery of Apple Data Cable? - 翻译中...

Are the data lines in your hands original Apple? If not, what data lines do you use? Since Apple launched the Lightning Interface Data Line in 2012, it has been used by Apple ever since. Maybe it's smaller and more intricate than previous data lines, so it is more popular. As you all know, Apple's third-party accessories like to be certified. So as a bundle in the data line, you have to raise both hands, right? So the Lightning Data Line will have an MFi logo, mainly to tell you that this is the apple certified data cable.

Apple MFi Certification

In fact, MFi was initially abbreviated as "Made For iPod", which was specifically designed for the iPod. But with more and more Apple products coming out, MFi has become the current iPhone / iPod / iPad settings.

To some extent, the explanation is that Apple MFi certification is a kind of identification license for the external parts manufactured by its authorized parts manufacturer. These logos, which are designed by Apple, have very strict rules when they are used. They are extremely demanding, and the pass rate of certification is only 2%.

It includes a variety of accessories for Apple devices, such as headphone interface, Lightning interface and products that support AirPlay functions, but the Lightning data line is the most we touch.

MFi Certification Chip

Maybe everyone wants to ask, what is the difference between the MFi-certified Lightning data line? In fact, there will be four chips inside the data line, and among these four chips, there are Apple authentication chips.

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