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How Can I Get A Good Quality Lighting Cable When Lighting Cable Is Broken? - 翻译中...
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How Can I Get A Good Quality Lighting Cable When Lighting Cable Is Broken? - 翻译中...

Does your buy lighting cable often break down? However, are the wires you buy often unavailable? The question is simple: Your lighting cable are not authenticated. The iPhone cannot be charged without an authenticated lighting cable.

If you love your cell phone as much as a washing machine, you must buy a reliable lighting cable. There is no doubt that the official lighting cable is the most reassuring. After all, it is original. But can you really accept a three-month lighting cable for 149 yuan?

Buying XBao's original data line for disassembly can be counterfeited in the great XBao aircraft carrier, let alone a small data line. We should buy more reliable MFi-certified data lines which are the second best.

When purchasing, please confirm the MFi certification.

MFi certification means Made For the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, which means "Made for Apple products". It's an authorization from Apple. With MFi-certified data lines for the use of the iPhone, Apple will provide a warranty for any malfunction. The icon is shown in the figure below, so please look at the picture before you buy it.

In fact, MFi is not as exaggerated as everyone thinks: pay the licensing fee, and buy the terminals provided by Apple, thus the manufacturers can assemble the production line cables. So for the following monkey trump cable propaganda, washing machine just want to laugh.

All MFi-certified cables are "apple original gold-plated terminals". It's like saying, "This man has five fingers in one hand." There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing to show off. As long as it's MFi certification, it's all gold plated.(How can you scrape off the gold and sell the money?)
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